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Why Us?


Airbnb Certified Partner

We are directly connected with Airbnb, reliability & support from Airbnb team


Complete Package

We are not only providing connectivity to Airbnb, but an entire solution to manage everything for running your property

What Makes Us Different?

Reduce your capital expenses

Integrate and manage all your properties on Airbnb and your other channel partners on a single platform. You don't need extra staff to manage reservations, distributions, housekeeping, online and offline booking. All of these can be managed on AxisVR within a few clicks.

Automate information sharing with guests

Guest related information such as booking confirmation email with property details and sharing payment links securely can be automated.

Airbnb listings mapped with other OTAs

All your listings on Airbnb (regardless of their room types) shall be automatically mapped to your conventional listings on other OTAs (such as Making it remarkably easy for you to manage your property listings and guest interaction on Airbnb.

Get the best out of your properties

Generate in-depth reports under various categories such as Daily Availability Report, Booking Report, Enquiry Report, and Financial and Statistical Reports. Our reporting structure will enable you to make informed pricing decisions to earn maximum revenue.


Our pricing structure is open. So, we want you to pay for what you use.

Managing 250+ Properties?

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